Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ordering - Shipping and Payment INFO

  1. *ORDERING INFO* - You may order via Etsy but I do not have all of my inventory listed there - also items may be a dollar or so higher on etsy, to cover my seller fees. The other option for ordering is to email your order to me at - I normally try to answer these emails within 1 - 2 business days, keep in mind I do have 4 children and on occasion Life Happens and I may be a little later replying, I am not ignoring you. Sometimes your email finds it's way into my Spam folder - not by choice - by yahoo ... but I find them and do reply.
  2. *PAYMENT INFO* - ALL orders must be pre-paid before any personalization or general completion takes place. I take many forms of payment, I strongly recommend paypal (it is a FREE service for you to safely send money to anyone online - all you have to do is sign up at and give me your registered email address with them - I will send you an invoice , you log in, pay, and we are good. You can also send money without an invoice to me - my paypal email address is -- ANOTHER fast and simple way to pay is to call me with your Credit Card info, I send the payment securely thru my iphone app - called Square - I accept all major cards, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover - you will get an instant receipt via text message OR email, you choose. I do charge $1.50 to process Credit Card payments, as I do have fees incurred for using this method. I also take local checks, and money orders by mail, I will email you my address if you choose to do that. Checks MUST CLEAR your bank BEFORE work is started. I do not recommend sending Cash in the mail.
  3. *ORDER COMPLETION* - most personalized orders take me anywhere from 3-5 days to complete, if it is an item that requires glaze applied (i.e.- photo pendants, bracelets, etc) - weather can be a factor, as I do not mix my glaze on rainy days - too much moisture in the air. However once I rcv your photos , personalization info - I will start working on it as soon as possible, I work on orders in the order that the payments are received. 4.*SHIPPING INFO* - I do not have a store, and my schedule is hectic - thus I ship ALL orders via USPS 1st Class MAIL, there is NO TRACKING NUMBER, it is the most cost effective way for me to mail and keep the shipping price LOW - I normally charge $2 for a 1-3 item purchase, more items will add $0.50 per item ... this rate may change at any time. Once your order is completed I will ship it out to you within the 2 days - Unless there are unforseen circumstances. I make every attempt to post on my Facebook fan page what orders are shipping out each shipping day. You may make arrangements to come to me if you choose not to have your item shipped but I can not make trips to other locations to meet up with you - not being mean by this but again I strive to keep my product prices LOW and traveling to meet up with people would cause me to have to raise my prices. I make as few trips to the cities as possible and do not have a set schedule that I go - I have random trips to pick up supplies or items for the kids and that is about it. I feel like the $2 shipping option saves not only me time and money but also you - as gas prices keep climbing. If you have any other questions or concerns - feel free to message me.

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