Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2000 fans Giveaway!

To-date I have 1735 fans on the Artistic Icing facebook page! Click here to visit Artistic Icing on Facebook! That is amazing to me, and I appreciate each and every one of you- I love meeting you at the festivals and events and hearing what you have to say! I was thinking last night - we need a giveaway - and not just some little giveaway - something BIG to celebrate upcoming 2000 fans. The Grand Prize winner will rcv a package of goodies valued at over $137 ... and there will be several other packages and gift certificates as well - for $365 worth of goodies to giveaway!

**update 10/21/11 - Holly Maycock of Chic {Handbags & More} has donated 3 Gift Certificates and 2 Accessory pkgs
**update - Heather Cole has generously donated some Thirty One giftcertificates for the giveaway as well!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thirty One! Here is a link to both of her pages to check out as well! Heather's Facebook Group and to check out all of the awesome things that Thirty One has to offer in their latest online catalog - Heather's Thirty One Page

So here is the deal - as soon as I hit 2000 fans I will figure out the date of the actual giveaway! (Possibly 1 week after the 2000 fan mark - to allow all people a fair chance)

* - Referring Friends --- (they can post on my wall that YOU referred them) - Gains 1 entry every time your name is posted by a different referral

* - Gain 1 extra entry for writing on the wall something that is on your wishlist or something that caught your eye (you can even comment on the photos for extra entries - up to 5)

* - Earn a BONUS 10 extra entries for writing a DETAILED review of merchandise you have purchased on my wall (key word here is detailed - as anyone can write "great items - I love my necklace, etc" -- I love to hear the details of WHY you love it or WHY the piece means something to you)

* - Gain 5 extra entries for commenting on this blog! 1 per person.

* - Gain 2 extra entries for "liking" Chic {Handbags & More} - go like the page then MAKE SURE YOU go to the 2000 Fans Giveaway link on my FB page to record it - to get your 2 extra entries

****DOUBLE THE ICING PACKAGE**** - to enter for it - LOCALS must "Like" the Crazy Cupcake page - come back to Artistic Icing and write on my wall that you liked the Crazy Cupcake - CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR Facebook Page ... if you already like them - just post that on my wall - 1 entry for this PER local person in the Tri-Cities area

2000 fans giveaway GRAND PRIZE winner will get the following : {Valued at $187}
1 - "Made to Order" Vintage Words Necklace with YOUR choice of a single word .... {$20 value}
3 - pre-made Scrabble Tile Pendants (your choice) .... {$16 value}
2 - pre-made Poker Chip Pendants (your choice) .... {$16 value}
1 - "Made to Order" Photo Ring OR Pendant (personalized with your photo) .... {$22 value}
2 - pre-made Soldered Glass Pendants (your choice) .... {$15 value}
1 - $25 gift certificate on any purchase from Artistic Icing
1 - $25 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $50 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Vintage Chic Package: {Valued at $98}
1- pre-made Vintage Words Hairpins .... {$8 value}
1- pre-made Victorian Look Soldered Glass Pendant ... {$8 value}
1- Vintage Lace Cuff Bracelet ... {$22 value}
1- $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $25 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Vintage Games Package: {Valued at $59}
1- pre-made Scrabble Tile Pendant .... {$6 value}
1 - pre-made Poker Chip Pendant .... {$9 value}
1- pre-made Domino Pendant ... {$9 value}
1 - $10 gift certificate on any purchase from Artistic Icing
1 - $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $25 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Double the Icing Prize Package: {Valued at $46} ... (there will be 2 of these in the giveaway)
*these will be drawn from locals since the CC is a local business* -- only 1 entry per local
1- pre-made scrabble tile featuring a cupcake design
1- pre-made soldered glass pendant that says "I love cupcakes"
1- 6pack cupcakes from the Crazy Cupcake in Jonesborough
1- $10 gift certificate for Artistic Icing
1- $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - Accessory Pkg from Chic Handbags & More
Additional prizes:
there will be TEN - $5 Artistic Icing gift certificates
and TEN - $5 Thirty One Gift Certificates

Let's get busy! Share the Artistic Icing facebook page with your FRIENDS!!!! And get entries!


  1. Oh my GOSH! I can't wait to get as many entries as possible! I love your stuff, girl. I'm dying for some new icing!

  2. my daughter and i love your stuff! would love to win!

  3. i love your stuff i really really want to buy something soon!!! it would be great to win

  4. Love your items! Keep up the good work

  5. I really love the originality of your work, its awesome. would love to start an Artistic Icing "collection" :)

  6. I love the uniqueness of your jewelry!! Now to decide what to order!!

  7. I love that all your things are so orginal but I also really love that they are reasonable in price. It's nice to know that I can still have beautiful pieces but not break the bank!

  8. I love all of your work but especially the Sister necklaces I bought for my daughters at Christmas.You are such a talented individual,I just can't say enough.The vintage word pieces are beautiful.Keep up the good work.

  9. My wish list....The Young Love Bracelet...or the Graduated Circle necklace with the names of my children!

  10. I love seeing local talent and your work is just awesome. So original and special!

  11. My daughter intoduced me to your jewelry and I love it ALL! It gives me the opportunity to not only purchase things for myself but also family and friends that are speaking to that person. "SPECIAL" is the word I think of when I see your items!

  12. I LOVE your jewelry and I am so excited about this giveaway. I was introduced to your work at Rhythm and Roots and fell in love. You are truly talented and so unique! :) <3

  13. I literally NEVER enter online competitions. But your work is astounding. It's so unique and vintage. The silver flatware, ring buttons, and the necklaces... STUNNING! As a broke college student, it would be AMAZING to 'win'. I could never spend this much on myslef. If I could, I would be buying from you everyday!


  15. i tried to do this the other day... but it didnt work... i love you as a person... honest, talented & real... i cant wait to own a piece of your collection (waiting on baby2)

    -Amber Bloom

  16. I have just discovered your jewelry and already given the husband a Christmas wish list! Hope I win something in your giveaway!!!

    Lori Erickson

  17. You are the greatest! I love all of your work and will forever be grateful to have meet you and to purchase your work for myself and my friends and family. Here's to you and your creativity, originality and personal warmth felt by your jewerly. Thank you and I look forward to buying more real soon

  18. I have admired your work for quite some time now and I am ready to get some pieces of jewelry for myself and maybe some gifts for other people. I believe that I have met you but I am not sure. Anyway, it is evident that you are very talented. I cant wait to do business with you!

  19. Ashley burkett thomasNovember 2, 2011 at 1:03 AM

    I really enjoyed looking at your work at the apple festival. I love how each piece is different and u can add your own special touch to make it truely personal! I also love how you work with ur customers to get their piece perfect for them! While i don't own any of your work YET ive seen this done through a piece u made for a friend of mine! Congrats on getting closee to your goal!

  20. I bought some jewelry from you at the Blue Plum this year, and I didn't want to leave your booth. Even after I walked away, I kept coming back to browse some more. I love the way you juxtapose words and images! And I love the way you meld the old and new! And the best for me--at the moment, anyway, is that your prices are reasonable; I don't have to drop $100 to get local handmade quality jewelry. I appreciate that you are in our community making beautiful art that I can afford to wear. Thank you. <3

  21. Love so much of Artistic Icings items! Especially The Photographer.. maybe a Christmas gift!!

  22. I have purchased quite a few items from you! My favorite that I just HAVE to review is the metal spoon bracelet with a quote on it. Mine says "Good Ole Rocky Top...Rocky Top Tennessee!" Anyone in TN knows UT football is like a religion lol, so I definitely had to teach my 2 and 3 year old Go Vols, UT and Rocky Top. Every time my little ones see orange they sing Rocky Top! This bracelet was at your booth at the Apple Festival and I just knew I had to have it. I told my 3 year old to come look at it and what it said, so of course he started singing! Many memories already to be passed down through a custom, unique piece of art. LOVE IT!

  23. I would like to have a WISH necklace or anything with a photo of my little ones on it!

  24. I enjoy UNIQUE and that's definitely Artistic Icing! I want something that reflects my personality and I am always impressed with your creative designs! I find myself looking for things I want you to make as a cutom piece for me!

  25. What a great way to celebrate! I have loved every piece I have bought and given them to the special people in my life. Maybe if I win I can keep a piece for me finally! Tracy B