Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wooden Spool End Table ... my latest DIY idea from Pinterest

I love the trend of re-purpousing cool items into furniture and decor.
I happened across a wooden spool on Pinterest a few months ago - the kind that the Electric Company and Phone Companies use to haul and store wire and cable on. It had been made into a table/bookshelf.
I added it to the list of things I MUST FIND and DO! Kinda like my little DIY Bucket List of sorts.
As you may recall I refinished a card catalog this summer. I love love love that thing! It is a place I can store TONS of my jewelry supplies.
I have a locker unit that I plan on painting, but haven't gotten to that yet.
Next on the to-do-list is a coffee table made from pallets and painted to match my spool.

Well here is the photo progress... 
This entire process took me 2.5 - 3 hours ... it was a quick and fun afternoon project.
One thing about me - when I start a project, I don't quit til I am done!


I sanded it all over with Fine Grit Sandpaper ... then I stained it with a color called Kona.

it was a fairly quick drying stain, said it would be ready for polyurethane in an hour (I did not clear coat this)
After the stain, I rubbed around some of the edges with paraffin wax, so that once I painted it - I could scrape off and expose the stain, as I was looking to achieve a weathered/distressed look.

I applied the paint, a Valspar paint from Lowes - color of "Creme Brulee"  I was messy and rough on the paint brush, I also thinned it some when I needed to with a wet rag...

I am not quite finished but was excited to bring it into the house - so here she is ... 

I plan to add some color coordinated wooden dowels to hold my books upright - and divided it up ... you may add casters to the bottom but I do not plan on moving it so I opted to left it flat on the bottom. I am in love with it! 


  1. Do you know some places to find these? I have tried to find some but don't really know a good place to start

  2. Lowe's carries these to sell wire on. You might ask a manager if their willing to sell you one after the wire is gone.