Sunday, August 26, 2012

Banging up Vintage Flatware ...

I make alot of jewelry with vintage Flatware, I normally try to use as much of it as possible. I use handles for bracelets, the bowls of spoons for bracelets and pendants for necklaces. When I do have scrap left over I keep it - as I know that one day I will have a purpose for it. I named this little creation "Love's Embrace" as it reminds me of two hands clasped together, and it is in the shape of a heart. I love it - I think it will be a good seller at my upcoming fall shows. Here are a few more pics of it - as I got snap happy on it this evening. 


Lastly - I had some tines, I shape forks at times into heart patterns for bracelets - and thought earrings would be super cute - so I call these "Love takes Tine" ... 


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