Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2000 Fans Giveaway in FULL Swing!

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO MY FANS for pushing my page past the goal of 2000 fans , I currently have 2017 "likes" on the Artistic Icing facebook page! Click here to visit Artistic Icing on Facebook! That is amazing to me, and I appreciate each and every one of you- I love meeting you at the festivals and events and hearing what you have to say! I am celebrating my 2000 fan mark in a BIG way!!!! The Grand Prize winner will rcv a package of goodies valued at over $187 ... and there will be several other packages and gift certificates as well - for over $550 worth of goodies to giveaway!

I started this about a month ago - and people have been entering since the beginning - here is YOUR chance to get in on the fun and have a chance to win! The contest will be in FULL force for the next 10 days - at Midnight on Nov.18th, going into the 19th the contest will end - I will post the winners sometime on the 19th. You have LOTS of chances to win and I am going to add a few more ways to gain extra entries, you can do some of these DAILY to gain extra entries!

**update 10/21/11 - Holly Maycock of Chic {Handbags & More} has donated 3 Gift Certificates and 2 Accessory pkgs
**update - Heather Cole has generously donated some Thirty One giftcertificates for the giveaway as well!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thirty One! Here is a link to both of her pages to check out as well! Heather's Facebook Group and to check out all of the awesome things that Thirty One has to offer in their latest online catalog - Heather's Thirty One Page

WAYS TO GAIN ENTRIES - Track your entries on the form at the bottom of the blog or on Facebook to the Left of my wall!

* - Referring Friends --- (they can post on my wall that YOU referred them) - Gains 1 entry every time your name is posted by a different referral

* - Gain 1 extra entry for writing on the wall something that is on your wishlist or something that caught your eye (you can even comment on the photos for extra entries - up to 5)

* - Earn a BONUS 10 extra entries for writing a DETAILED review of merchandise you have purchased on my wall (key word here is detailed - as anyone can write "great items - I love my necklace, etc" -- I love to hear the details of WHY you love it or WHY the piece means something to you)

* - Gain 5 extra entries for commenting on this blog! 1 per person.

* - Gain 2 extra entries for "liking" Chic {Handbags & More} - go like the page then MAKE SURE YOU go to the 2000 Fans Giveaway link on my FB page to record it - to get your 2 extra entries

****DOUBLE THE ICING PACKAGE**** - to enter for it - LOCALS must "Like" the Crazy Cupcake page - come back to Artistic Icing and write on my wall that you liked the Crazy Cupcake - CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR Facebook Page ... if you already like them - just post that on my wall - 1 entry for this PER local person in the Tri-Cities area

2000 fans giveaway GRAND PRIZE winner will get the following : {Valued at $187}
1 - "Made to Order" Vintage Words Necklace with YOUR choice of a single word .... {$20 value}
3 - pre-made Scrabble Tile Pendants (your choice) .... {$16 value}
2 - pre-made Poker Chip Pendants (your choice) .... {$16 value}
1 - "Made to Order" Photo Ring OR Pendant (personalized with your photo) .... {$22 value}
2 - pre-made Soldered Glass Pendants (your choice) .... {$15 value}
1 - $25 gift certificate on any purchase from Artistic Icing
1 - $25 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $50 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Vintage Chic Package: {Valued at $98}
1- pre-made Vintage Words Hairpins .... {$8 value}
1- pre-made Victorian Look Soldered Glass Pendant ... {$8 value}
1- Vintage Lace Cuff Bracelet ... {$22 value}
1- $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $25 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Vintage Games Package: {Valued at $59}
1- pre-made Scrabble Tile Pendant .... {$6 value}
1 - pre-made Poker Chip Pendant .... {$9 value}
1- pre-made Domino Pendant ... {$9 value}
1 - $10 gift certificate on any purchase from Artistic Icing
1 - $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - $25 Chic Handbags & More gift certificate

Double the Icing Prize Package: {Valued at $46} ... (there will be 2 of these in the giveaway)
*these will be drawn from locals since the CC is a local business* -- only 1 entry per local
1- pre-made scrabble tile featuring a cupcake design
1- pre-made soldered glass pendant that says "I love cupcakes"
1- 6pack cupcakes from the Crazy Cupcake in Jonesborough
1- $10 gift certificate for Artistic Icing
1- $10 Thirty One gift certificate
1 - Accessory Pkg from Chic Handbags & More
Additional prizes:
there will be TEN - $5 Artistic Icing gift certificates
and TEN - $5 Thirty One Gift Certificates

Let's get busy! Share the Artistic Icing facebook page with your FRIENDS!!!! And get entries!


  1. I have a friend who has a necklace and I'm wanting to purchase one for myself.

  2. I love your work! I already have 2 pieces of your jewlery in my jewlery in my box! :) I can't wait to get more!

  3. I love that your items are so unique! Everything is beautiful and can create a wonderful memory!crystie