Wednesday, July 18, 2012

brown paper packages tied up with string ... these are definitely a few of my favorite things

I truly have a love of packaging, I love when I order something myself and I can tell that someone went the extra mile to package it up right. I love the small businesses that still offer free gift wrap, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and it definitely motivates me to come back to those places to shop. I told my mom on the phone this afternoon, "I want to have that packaging that wow's the customer, I want to have that packaging that makes the customer not want to throw it away. I have been wanting to come up with something special to set me even more apart than any competition. So I but some thought into my packaging and this is what I came up with.... and I am pretty much IN LOVE, I adore it and it is soooooooo ME!
The thin flat ones of course will be for mailed orders - I have sewn around the edges of the bag, added paper doilies, a strip cut from an old songbook and my business name, and tag line. 
The boxes will remain for orders that are picked up or as requested for gifts. They are a brown kraft box, adorned with strips of paper from vintage songbooks, and vintage buttons.
I can't even say enough at how much I love these, and how much my style they are. If you get one and love it let me know - hearing from my customers makes my day! 
Ok - One more pic ... LOL 

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